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After the recent pandemic, most education centers have turned to online mediums for teaching and tests. However, on the side of the students, this transition has been challenging. Preparing for online tests and giving accurate answers becomes slightly difficult since external circumstances like technical issues can affect your online test experience.

However, with the right tool and solutions at your hand, you can handle the issue better. ExtraAssignmentHelp supports students with optimized preparation for the final online test with many service benefits. So, consider turning to us for support.

What benefits can you expect?


As a capable online test preparation service provider, we at ExtraAssignmentHelp offer various supportive services like a customized Online Assignment Assistant to students for academic improvement. Our team offers clients updated and relevant practice material on different subject matters, besides other crucial benefits.

  1. Free practice tests online

Our experts have spent time researching to update high-grade, globally acceptable practice tests for varying subject matter. We update the test modules and styles consistently to keep up with the current academic standards, university syllabi, and guidelines.

  1. Free sample tests online

Are you unaware of how the exam will look regarding the exam pattern and question format? Access the online sample tests that we offer for free to clear your doubts. We cover this for different subjects and educational levels, so worry not.

  1. Expert guidance from a specialized team

Focusing only on self-study is not enough as a suitable form of online exam preparation for many people. In that case, you can turn to our team of expert academic professionals and the Online Assignment Assistant that will help you get personalized preparation. The experts in our team are trained in different standards and have the credentials plus experience to back up their skills.

  1. Adequate study material

Yes, we focus on offering student test pattern-related help and individualized guidance. But we also go one step ahead and offer study material for complex subjects and topics to further help you understand and train for online tests. We offer this material in different disciplines so you can access our study help features and get relevant information instead of browsing various sites for different books.

  1. Multi-subject support

Many students struggle with one issue during online exam preparation: getting the proper support for their specific discipline. Our comprehensive platforms offer services to different students, whether they are pursuing Humanities, Commerce, or Science divisions. Get the right curriculum-based help on whichever subjects you need.

  1. Thorough time management-related guidance

Another point of concern during exams is finishing the test on time. Use our free tools to improve your skills in time management and learn how to finish within the deadline. Try out the practice tests we offer for free to check how well you answer all types of questions within the set time limit. 

  1. Budget-friendly cost

We offer our services keeping in mind our primary clientele, i.e., students who are not earning high amounts at this time. At ExtraAssignmentHelp, you can opt for a payment plan that works for you and enjoy the services without any stress.

You can take specific personal steps like a balanced test practice and resting process, test your speed, and use more research material than the pre-scribed study material. On all fronts, we offer non-stop support, so reach out to us for your needs!